Embodied Yoga Principles Qualified Teachers

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Amanda Brown Cornwall

(Falmouth), UK

Ananda Mello Costa

Horsham, Sussex, UK

Angelica Nanda Schäfer

Stockholm, Sweden

Ciara Collins-Atkins Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Clive Fogelman

North West/ Central London, UK

Emilie Joy Rowell

Somerset, UK

Ilze Jece

Riga, Latvia

Jamie Abrams

Chichester, West Sussex UK 

Jane Dancey

Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

JoJo Norell

Stockholm, Sweden

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Jude Murray

Brighton, UK, Italy

Lisa Jones

Manchester/Cheshire, UK


North London, UK

Lucy Sabin

East London, UK

Luisa Demant

London, UK

Mayan Patel

East London, UK

Preya Chauhan

Birmingham, UK

Karin Van Maanen

Canterbury, Kent, UK

Steve Savides

Farnham, Surrey, UK

Tamsin Gabriel

Cardiff, Wales, UK

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