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What is Embodied Yoga Principles?

Embodied Yoga Principles is a way of practicing Yoga which creates deep personal insights, and makes yoga more transferable for pragmatic life benefits. 

Watch this Introductory video to Embodied Yoga Principles

Embodied Yoga Principles develops awareness

Embodied Yoga Principles emphasises psychological self-awareness and transfer of skills to daily-life. EYP is mindfulness-based and incorporates elements of life coaching, body therapy, dance, bodywork, improv. and martial arts. Postures and group exercises are used to explore and develop the body as a way of being, integral to how we live. EYP is about improving personal freedom, the relationships that matter most in our lives, and effectiveness in making the world a better place. 



Embodied yoga is socially aware, and avoids both new-age superstition and Western body materialism. Embodied yoga can be emotionally intense as it’s a powerful tool for looking at your personal patterns and changing your life for the better. EYP is also more social and playful than much yoga, so is also very connecting and lots of fun. 



In some ways EYP a very novel approach to asana practice including things you won’t find literally anywhere else, though it’s also aligned with traditional yoga’s emphasis on developing the practitioner. Because Embodied Yoga is a set of principles rather than a style, it can add a new dimension to any approach to practice and be used creatively. 

Embodied Yoga Principles is receiving exposure in magazines  and international Yoga festivals. You can see our blog for more information. See details about the Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training, a continued professional development for Yoga Teachers and other bodyworkers with relevant experience.

How EYP postures work
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“Embodied Yoga is a refreshing take on yoga as a method of self-enquiry and transformation. Highly effective for transforming your patterns of behaviour.”


Oslo, Norway

"Using posture practice to gain personal awareness and choice to improve life beyond the mat”

Preya Chauhan -Founder of Cherish Healing

Birmingham, UK

“Mark has pressed the refresh button on the yoga world to see the practice of yoga through the eyes of embodiment brings a welcome new view. The methods of embodiment link the practice on the yoga mat and brings it firmly out into the world of our relationships,work and all aspects of life...and extends our range of practices as yoga teachers.”

A.G Hatha Yoga Teacher


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