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Welcome to the Embodied Yoga Principles free resources page.

Here are some free goodies to give you a taste of Embodied Yoga Principles.

Galleries of images, e-books, videos

5 categories to help your personal practice or teaching practice.

1. Add psychological depth to Yoga
2. Moving Yoga off the mat

3. Free EYP classes

4. EYP for life's challenges

5. EYP for making money as a Yoga Teacher


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Yoga for your life galleries

Youtube channel 200+ videos

Yoga & Urban Embodiment Gallery


Making Yoga Meaningful
by Mark Walsh 

Making Yoga Meaningful ebook Embodied Yo

4 Simple steps to reconnecting with your body, in everyday situations
by Lucy Sabin

The Psychology of asana – getting yoga off the mat. By Mark Walsh 

The depth psychology of asana ebook cove

Working with normal people :
a guide for yogi's
by Mark Walsh 

‘How to Fill a Workshop’
guide by EYP Teacher
Karin Van Maanen


Adding psychological depth to Yoga 

What is Embodied Yoga Principles?

What your yoga mistakes reveal

Vitruvian Yoga

Moving yoga off the mat

Moving yoga off the mat

Yoga ethics

Yoga for activism

How to do yoga to improve your work

Free EYP Classes

Morning mini class

Evening mini class

Hatha Yoga class with EYP

EYP for lifes challenges

Yoga for confidence

EYP Yoga for anger management

Yoga for anxiety

Yoga for depression

Yoga for attractiveness

Yoga for addiction (coming soon)

Building your Yoga Tribe (marketing for people who hate marketing)

EYP for making money as a yoga teacher

Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) can be used for your Yoga business. We know a lot of yoga teachers struggle to get by and would benefit from some of these methods so we are sharing them for free 

Why marketing is love

Making money in yoga (income streams)

How to find your niche as a yoga teacher

Youtube channel for people interested in getting yoga off the mat and into their whole life.
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