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You can see galleries emphasising different aspects of Embodied Yoga Principles practice.

Urban Embodiment Psycho Cities

The Psycho Cities project contrasts yoga poses of psychological significance, with the architecture of major cities. The aim of the project is to explore psychology, yoga and the urban environment. See the individual galleries of each city.

Yoga asana for daily life series

The postures of Embodied Yoga Principles can be used to help with day to day life challenges, rather than being used athletically or esoterically. They can be practiced in regular clothing without the need for mats or equipment, so are practical in this regard.

This series of photos created by Pilar Corcuera Botana show some of the ways they can be employed to support the kinds of challenges we face daily, or qualities we may like or need to create for different times of day, or themes like love or work.

Click on the themes below to see individual galleries. 

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