Embodied Yoga Principles : Videos 

These videos about Embodied Yoga Principles will give you a sense of some of the postures and practices we use to develop awareness and choice, to make personal transformation to benefit our whole life, so our Yoga practice moves beyond the mat and out in the world, into our everyday lives, our relationships, our work so we can be more effective in leading our lives.

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Embodied Yoga Principles

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EYP Postures - see our experiential guide to the 26 poses 

Taking up space exercise 


Yoga for Work

Exploring Generosity - Giving posture

Working with “no” - example of a posture we use:


Embodied Yoga - standing exercise (mountain pose)


Examples of themes explored in Embodied Yoga Principles

Embodied Yoga - Taking Yoga off the Mat


Developing awareness through playful competition

Taking up space

Compliments & Criticism in Embodied Yoga Principles


Yoga for Attractiveness

Yoga and Activism