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Yoga Asana for Daily Life Series

Yoga postures for the morning

Youtube channel

The postures of Embodied Yoga Principles can be used to help with day to day life challenges, rather than being used athletically or esoterically. They can be practiced in regular clothing without the need for mats or equipment, so are practical in this regard.

These photos show some of the ways they can be employed to support the kinds of challenges we face daily, or qualities we may like or need to create. For more details see video links below some images of the postures. You can see a short introductory video to the Embodied Yoga Principles Youtube channel which has over 180 videos, including classes and sequences. You can subscribe to see updates.


Create strength and focus for today

Warrior posture

Be decisive and directed today

Entering posture

Be open and expansive

Taking up space/ Being seen posture

Create time for you to listen to yourself

Privacy posture (variation)

What you would like to give today?

Giving posture

Which obstacles do you need to move today?

Pushing posture

Who do you need to say No to today?

No posture (lunge variation)

Who do you need to say No to today?

No posture (lunge variation)

How can you be playful today?

Joker posture

These photos were created by Pilar, an EYP teacher based in the Canary Islands, Spain.


Pilar Corcuera Botana

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