Embodied Yoga Principles

These events give you an opportunity to explore Embodied Yoga Principles. A radical way of practising yoga to engage all of you for the whole of your life. Click on links for more information/booking.

8 Online EYP classes

Linking postural yoga to what matters most to you

Yoga is clearly helpful for wellbeing and a positive influence on our life. We can maximise this impact and make stronger links between our asana practice and our work, relationships and family.

These weekly 1 hour classes are about increasing the effectiveness of how you get yoga “off the mat” and making it impactful for what you most care about. This is yoga for your whole life not just your muscles.

8 Wednesdays May 13, 20, 27, June 3, 10, 17, 24 and July 1

All calls recorded ... drop in option may be available, contact Jamie via her website
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Embodied Yoga Principles Online Teacher Training

Learn to practice and teach EYP online

The EYP Online Teacher Training is a well-structured, online immersion into Embodied Yoga for people wishing to use EYP professionally. 


This course consists of a simple online system with clear modules and straightforward navigation. You can track your course progress (so you know where you are) and tick things off. You don't need to be a tech geek to use it.

Suitable if you'd like :

  • To learn practical tools to psychologically enrich your yoga teaching

  • To help students get their yoga learning into their whole lives - to improve work, intimacy, parenting, money and more

  • To learn a bunch of new poses (there are novel EYP postures)

  • To become certified in a growing methodology

  • To enrich your current style of yoga with a fresh perspective. EYP is genuinely innovative and can also be incorporated into whatever you already practice

  • a deep dive into self-awareness and personal growth 

  • to develop new aspects of your yoga practice & teaching, that's deep yet practical 

  • to teach dedicated EYP classes

  • to learn postures that can be used as part of coaching & training outside of yoga 


  • 100 +videos

  • Clear posture guide

  • Practical guidance, tuition, theory & workshops

  • Private Facebook group

  • Free regular community calls

  • Free bonus e-books


  • Learn at your own pace, in your own home, through a clear easy-to-use platform

  • Develop professionally and affordably without travel costs or increasing carbon footprint

  • Join a supportive, fun, international community

It is taught by EYP founder Mark Walsh, with senior EYP teachers Jane Dancey, Karin Van Maanen, Vidyadasa, Mayan Patel, Tess Howell.

Advanced training for yoga teachers

until September 2020

Upgrade your  experience and understanding  of embodied yoga and meditation
with expert guest tutors in a range of yoga specialisms from around the UK

This uniquely tailored course is aimed at yoga teachers who want to refine their skills and find new inspiration and depth in their personal practice and teaching. Karin has invited highly experienced and skilled guest tutors to share their expertise in some very current and developing aspects of yoga. This will help you upgrade your teaching to be informed by some of the latest developments in the world of movement and mind training.


Detailed course materials will be provided and you will be encouraged to join an ongoing online community of teachers for continued support, inquiry and peer learning.


The weekend and one-day modules will also be open to experienced yoga practitioners if not fully booked by October 2019 (but not the Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training, which requires you to hold a teaching qualification to apply).


The course venue is on the outskirts of Canterbury with easy access by road and rail: www.canterburyyoga.co.uk


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Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training - Brighton UK

5 day training 13 May - 17 May

Cancelled for May 2020 - back May 2021

The EYP teacher training is a well-structured, intense, pragmatic, 5 day immersion into Embodied Yoga for people wishing to grow personally and use EYP professionally. You may be interested in EYP teacher trainings for one or more of several reasons.

Come if you'd like :

  • a deep dive into self-awareness and personal growth 

  • to develop new aspects of your yoga practice & teaching, that's deep yet practical 

  • to use elements of EYP to psychologically enrich your own yoga classes and help students get their learning "off the mat"

  • to teach dedicated EYP classes

  • to join a supportive dynamic international community 

  • to learn postures that can be used as part of coaching & training outside of yoga 

  • to have fun learning something new and unique

It consists of five days, some pre-coursework (mostly watching videos) and personal practice afterwards if you wish to officially qualify. The training is as much about developing as a person as it is about picking up new techniques and the principles themselves, so you can practice EYP in your own creative way. 

Because Embodied Yoga is a set of principles rather than a style, it can add a new dimension to any approach to practice and be used creatively. The training is not to be taken lightly as involves some work and much personal challenge. It will be deep, fun, personally and professionally enriching, but not all easy. 

It is taught by EYP founder Mark Walsh, with Vidyadasas and Tess Howell and senior EYP teachers supporting.

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Embodied Yoga Principles 
at Festivals

There are usually Embodied Yoga Principles events at many festivals but due to Covid 19 many have been cancelled
Brighton Yoga Festival, Buddhafield Festival , Santosa Yoga Camp  

Embodied Yoga Principles 
Teacher Trainings

Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Trainings 
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Embodied Yoga Principles 
Articles / Blog

See press articles on Embodied Yoga Principles on our press blog as featured in Yoga International, OM yoga and British Wheel of Yoga magazines.
There are Embodied Yoga Principles Teachers in these locations leading classes or events:

UK- Birmingham, Brighton, Cornwall, Canterbury, Eastbourne, Farnham, Glasgow, Glastonbury, Horsham, London, Manchester, Ireland -Bangor, Waterford, Wales - Cardiff

Global - Berlin - Germany, Spain - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Dubai, Latvia, Mallorca, Moscow- Russia, Zurich, Stockholm - Sweden, Tunisia, Basel Switzerland, Koh Pangan - Thailand, 
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