Embodied Yoga Principles Certified Teachers

These teachers are certified EYP teachers who are also qualified Yoga teachers. There is also another list of Associated Embodiment Teachers who are EYP teachers who include EYP into their existing professional embodiment practice working with clients as a coach, facilitator, or dance teacher, they may apply it in workshops or working with individuals as well. Click on the button below their name to view their website or facebook page

Amanda Brown Cornwall

(Falmouth), UK

Ananda Mello Costa

El Nido, Philippines

Angelica Nanda Schäfer

Stockholm, Sweden

Anouska Anderson

London, UK

Barbara Falorni


Catherine O'Mahony

East London

Ciara Collins-Atkins Zurich

Paris, France

Clive Fogelman

North West/ Central London, UK

Corina Ghiatau

Bucharest, Romania

Dana Levy

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Ekaterina Jivluk

Moscow, Russia

Ekaterina Kilimnik

Moscow, Russia

Emilie Joy Rowell

Somerset, UK

Elyse Chaya Bracha Adelson

Jerusalem, Israel

Eva Klein

Munic, Germany

Gayle Keenan

Bangor, N Ireland

Georgina Mangan-Georgiou

Melbourne, Australia

Jamie Abrams

Chichester, West Sussex UK 

Jane Dancey

Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

JoJo Norell

Stockholm, Sweden

Joyce Brown


Dr. Kirstie Fleetwood Meade

Bristol, UK

Haidee Stairmand

Auckland, New Zealand

Karin Van Maanen

Canterbury, Kent, UK

Lisa Jones

Manchester/Cheshire, UK

Luisa Demant

London, UK

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