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Embodied Yoga Principles

So after discussion with the other senior teachers I’ve decided to open-source the Embodied Yoga Principles system. This is pretty radical so let me explain what this means: ANYONE ANYWHERE can use the EYP method and poses. Quite simple really. 

Now while the EYP system has taken years of hard work by an international groups of teachers, and is genuinely novel (easily enough to be copyrighted/ trademarked as two thirds of the poses aren’t in “traditional” postural yoga for example), we don’t believe in putting a fence around what is essentially human. EYP is about fundamental human archetypes and behaviour, so it would be absurd to try and claim that for business reasons. I actually regard the attempts many have made to apply Western intellectual property laws to somatic arts as disgusting and inappropriate. Brands perhaps, but the movements, natural processes and postures themselves? Hell no. Yes lineages and respect for teachers and traditions exists and rightly so, but the mixing of this with Western style legal enforcement is anathema to me and EYP will be freely available to all. 

I’ve seen various organisations and founders create suffering both for themselves and others by trying to police what wants, and should, be set free. I’ve always had an unpleasant feeling about such behavior and despite my investment in creating this body of work, what I really want is for it to be out there. I believe its a valuable novel addition to what’s currently available; and should be available to all, and I have no right to bar that. Simple. 

There is a risk of course but given the nature of the internet and how things spread (we’ve already taught EYP in twenty countries) my view is that it’s not only undesirable but impossible to control what’s already spreading organically anyway, so why bother trying for the sake of greed and control? The cat is out of the bag and is meant to be. Cats don’t do well in bags. 

So if you’re a yoga teacher or coach attracted to EYP...GO FOR IT! Use it. Blend it with your own stuff. Enjoy it and employ it to serve others. My only requests are: 

- That you don’t say you’re officially qualified EYP teacher unless you’ve done one of our teacher trainings (in person or online). But feel free to use the name or “Embodied Yoga” for short
- Mention what you’re doing is inspired by EYP. Give us a shout out :-) 
- Please discuss it with me if you’d like to include the work in a teacher training. I’ll very likely be encouraging! 
- Please watch the precautions video as it’s powerful stuff (see below)

All the best from Brighton, 
Mark Walsh, EYP Founder, August 2019

Where to start 
Precautions video coming soon
See this YouTube playlist of 10 poses 
See the YouTube channel

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