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Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training London
November 2019

EYP Teacher Training 


29 November - 3 December 2019
with Mayan Patel and Jamie Abrams 


A refreshing take on Yoga in the Instagram era.

Offer simple but profound insights to your students.
Truly make your classes stand out from the crowd.

About the teacher training

This teacher training is a well-structured, intense, pragmatic, 5 day immersion into Embodied Yoga Principles for Yoga teachers.


Imagine offering your Yoga community something unique. A modern approach that creates deep personal insights and offers more choice in life.


You may be interested in EYP teacher trainings to:


  • Experience a deep dive into self-awareness and personal growth


  • Psychologically enrich your teaching to help students get their learning “off the mat”

  • Creative practice labs to explore flow sequences using EYP


  • Teach dedicated EYP classes and workshops


  • Join a supportive and dynamic international community


  • Learn postures that can be used as part of coaching & training outside of yoga


  • Have fun learning something new and unique .




This is a five day training across 2nd-6th October 2019 taking place in London, UK. There will be pre-coursework (mostly watching videos) and personal practice afterwards if you wish to officially qualify.

This experience is as much about developing as a person as it is about picking up new techniques and the principles themselves, so you can practice EYP in your own creative way.


The training is not to be taken lightly as involves some work and much personal challenge. It will be deep, fun, personally and professionally enriching, but not all easy.


It is taught by EYP senior teachers Jamie Abrams and Mayan Patel, often with a senior EYP teacher/s supporting.  


Apply here via this simple application form


Suitable for:

people experienced in any style of yoga looking to add a whole new dimension to their practice and deepen their personal awareness and growth

  • people already qualified to teach any style of yoga looking to add elements of depth, pragmatism and breadth from other embodied arts that they teach

  • those looking to be able to teach EYP as a stand-alone class
    (no guarantee, see below)

  • those up for a challenging emotional journey

  • people with a sense of humour (vital for the training)

  • people who care about social issue and the world beyond the mat

  • people looking to join a community of like-minded teachers working non-dogmatically and creatively in an emerging field.

'No' posture -  1 of the main EYP postures
how to teach well 
Course content:
  • what exactly is EYP?

  • thorough training in the 24 main postures of EYP 

  • how to structure an EYP class

  • how to integrate EY principles into existing classes and 1-1 work such as coaching and yoga therapy

  • how to teach well 

  • marketing EYP and yoga generally (a big hit last year !)

  • trauma awareness for yogis (Mark's specialism) see video

  • fundamentals of meditation (Vidyadasa's specialism)

  • ongoing embodied development and support

Quotes about Embodied Yoga Principles

"Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training was the most pivotal training I've participated in. It's added a layer to all my work and projects that has brought it all together. The EYP community is one I'm so proud to be a part of; the people are the most real, authentic, embodied people you'll ever meet! This training changes lives of teachers so we can change the lives of our students with the tools, language, and mindset learned during the teacher training. After the training, I still feel like I'm apart of the community with the resources given to training graduates. If you're on the fence about applying to become an EYP teacher, I have one bit of advice: JOIN US. 100% chance you won't regret it."

Sarah Liljegren

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

In 2017 I was looking for a course or training to enrich my regular yoga classes, but I was not interested in learning more pranayama, advanced postures or better alignment. I did not want to come back home with a big book of theoretical notes but very little experience on the content. 


I was looking for something practical, and also something more focus on the emotional layer and not the physical level during the practice. Just my chance, I came across EYP. 


I recommend it to anyone that would like to deepen in his/her own yoga practice, to get meaningful learnings far beyond the physical aspect of asanas and to enrich his/her own life through working with the body in a very simple, mindful but powerful way. 


Also, as a teacher, EYP has helped me to bring more creativity and never ending possibilities into my yoga classes. It has helped me to realise that yoga can be much more relational, ethical and fun. It has helped me to understand how everything we do on the mat is related to how we live off the mat, and that way we can make choices. 


Finally, a great part of doing EYP Training is becoming part of a community of great mature people that supports each other and believe in making the world a better place through making oneself a better person in relation to others and to the environment. 


The teachers are outstanding communicators with a lot of experience and kind human beings. 

Pilar Corcuera Botana

Yoga Teacher Canary Islands, Spain

What if you could learn a new language that can help you be who you want to be, and enables you to consciously interact with people and take decisions the way you've ever wanted? That is what I learned as a person and as a coach in my last training of EYP. 
Based on Yoga, the training gives you tools you need to understand how your body reacts to your own feelings and how you show up and are seen in your daily life. More, it gives you a set of tools to choose what you need for you and for the 
people you interact with (family, friends, colleagues, name it). As a coach, I can help clients materialise through their body their aspirations, purpose and vision of life. Highly recommend it. 

Stephany Dano EYP Teacher and Coach


ETP TT has changed the way I teach as 'EYP light' is now a constant in my yoga classes and the students love how they can embody the principles in their everyday life in such a simple but profound way.  I cannot recommend EYP TT highly enough – Mark has done an amazing job in teaching how to incorporate yoga into the modern world.

Lynn Marsh Jones EYP Teacher and Coach

North London, UK

For me yoga is an exploration of who I am, what I embody, how I am connected to the world and how I can be a loving presence in it. That is also what I try to bring into teaching. In my own practice, EYP is helping me to explore and embody different ways to be that loving presence. EYP has changed things enormously, my practice has become less insular, more movement / asanas, less meditation, I am applying personal practice much more to teaching and life. And I am accessing fire which I barely could when I started. I am noticing deeper connection with students too.

Karin Van Maanen EYP Teacher


EYP has transformed my yoga teaching practice to the point that I could not go back, even if I wanted to..." 



“It brings rigorous self enquiry into my physical practice.  It's a way of bringing self study to life in practical and playful ways. EYP is adaptable, you can use it in simple ways to enhance a general yoga class and in a life changing way in longer workshops.”

Amanda Brown,EYP TEACHER

Cornwall, UK

“Embodied Yoga offers a much needed fresh authentic perspective on yoga. Its not offering an opportunity to float off into spiritual la-la and distance oneself from life’s suffering, on the contrary it encourages the participant to become fully aware and to take responsibility for what is going on in their body and mind, becoming aware of patterns and shadows in a safe supported environment.”


Sussex, UK

"It was brilliant. Perfect venue, caring community, amazing depth and sharing. As a returning student I am hooked. I love how EYP reveals embedded patterns and the job is simply, through inquiry, to notice they are there.  EYP changes everything. I feel more relaxed about ‘how’ I do yoga and have been introduced to a whole new body of work (Embodiment). Thanks to Mark and all the other fantastic teachers for guiding me on this journey into my peculiar self, so that I can share what I have learned with others. Great stuff. Highly recommend."

Christine Preston

Yoga Teacher, London

“Embodied Yoga is a refreshing take on yoga as a method of self-enquiry and transformation. Highly effective for transforming your patterns of behaviour.”


Oslo, Norway

"The practice encourages us to recognise how we are day-to-day and gives us practical tools to accept, change or enhance how we feel in a positive and manageable way."


Brighton UK

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Practical Information
On all Teacher trainings, you are advised to come rested and take a day off after to integrate. 



Nov 29 - Dec 3 2019, 10am - 5pm
TRAINERS/TEAM : Jamie Abrams, Mayan Patel

COST: tbc

Email Mayan Patel course co-ordinator

fill out an application form here




See other locations and dates of EYP Trainings here

EYP Trainers
Application process 

EYP is not for everyone so we like to see if it's a good fit ahead of the training. The application process involves:


• attending a class/workshop with an EYP teacher 
(to get a taste of EYP if at all possible) see

(note if you are unable to attend an event before please contact Mayan as it may still be possible for you to attend)


• a phone chat to see if it’s a good fit (contact on right)

• full or half payment upfront 
(non-refundable except in case of family emergency)



NB: This training is quite deep/intense and not everyone is ready to lead EYP classes, or in a good place for the training personally. We’d recommend not applying if you are not well emotionally resourced currently, have active mental health issues or have suffered a recent major loss. If that all sounds a bit scary we'd also note that while tiring all past TT's have been loads of fun! 

Notes on qualification given

If candidates wish to teach EYP classes after the course they should also have a recognised 200hr yoga teaching qualification or equivalent. There will also be a (fairly relaxed) exam, an element of continual assessment on the course, some light reading and videos watching (max 5 books and 5 hours) and further personal development recommendations to qualify as a full EYP teacher.


Being an EYP teacher requires considerable emotional maturity and facilitation skills quite different from regular asana classes and we take this seriously. It is not guaranteed you will pass to the level of full EYP teacher qualification and if you do there are certain ethical and branding standards for EYP teachers (available on request). All participants will learn elements of EYP however that they can incorporate into existing classes that they teach irrespective.

to Teach 

Embodied Yoga?

EYP TT Ukraine 2017

Mayan Patel 

Mayan Patel is a London based Yoga teacher and community organiser. He uses a variety of tools to increase wellbeing and social-emotional intelligence for entrepreneurs and freelancers struggling to stay resourced living a fast paced city life.




Mayan Patel.jpg
Mayan Patel
Jamie Abrams

International Yoga teacher – Senior EYP teacher, Creator of Embodied Badassery and Sexual Empowerment Coach



Jamie Abrams.png
Jamie Abrams

EYP TT UK 2015/2016

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