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Life transfer - how to get yoga off the mat

- Have a safe supportive social context - the “container”

- Intention (good but alone inefficient)

- Mindfulness and emotional engagement with asana

- Emotional insight (strong “ah-ha!” moments)

- Enquiry (bring outside life onto mat)

- Verbal clarification of insights (“conciseness creates clarity”)

- Social witnessing and integration (e.g. discussions, empathic listening and debriefs)

- Still and moving integration practices - resting, sleeping, savasana or restorative yoga, and free stretching, dancing, walking, making noises, etc)

- Use of body indicators (early warning signs)

- Practice in the four basic life positions - lying down, sitting, standing, walking

- Use of “micro postures” to engage postural archetypes in daily life

- Community of support, modelling, inspiration and challenge

- Reminder systems (we just forget stuff)

- Repetition (good but alone inefficient)

From Embodied Yoga Principles:

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